Valentine’s Treat ~ Lawn Fawn Science of Love

It is that time of the year again when we’re all thinking about making cards and special treats for our loved ones for Valentine’s Day.  I used to make a ton of Valentine’s projects when my kids were little to help them bring the treats to class but I also made some very special treats just for them ~ and my husband.

When my kids were still young, I decorate the house on February 1st but on the eve before Valentine’s Day, I really go all out!  I wait until my kids are past asleep, and then I decorate the dining room with all sorts of stuff.  I really love seeing the reaction on my children’s faces when they come down for breakfast and see all the little treats I laid out for them.  Of course I do the same for my husband and include little treats in his lunch box.

Here’s a project that I used to make with my kids to bring to school.  I really love Lawn Fawn and the sentiment is perfect for these little test tubes.  If you have younger kids, please get them the plastic version so no one gets hurt on Valentine’s Day.


I hope you like this project.  I will be posting more Valentine’s crafts in the next few days/weeks.

Have an amazing day!

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