Mass Producing Cards with CAS-ual Fridays

Hello my crafty friends! Maria here on the blog with you, with 3 simple cards that you can mass-produce, showcasing the This Sucks stamp set.  
I have been receiving some requests to do simple cards with no “image-coloring” or “die-cutting” and thought that this stamp set would be perfect for the cards.  Besides, I think almost every sentiment on this stamp set is basically what I feel these days!  Here’s an example:
First card – we were supposed to travel and see my mom and siblings for a family reunion.  We were also supposed to travel back to Egypt for a nice vacation with my daughter.  Both things didn’t happen because of the “it shall not be named” virus!
Second card – I think I lost my crafting mojo so it has been difficult to craft these days.  I am just not feeling inspired.  I must have made a ton of cards this month that I just put in the trash!  They just weren’t good enough.  Sometimes, I will just give up and call it a day!
Third card – a lot of my design team packages are stuck in New York for a few weeks now.   The only reason I receive from the shipper is that everything will be delayed because of the current virus.  There is no timeline on when they will ever get here and it is adding to my misery.  It’s hard to craft when you don’t have the things you need to complete a lot of projects.  I don’t even know if swearing helps because I have been doing a lot of those and it’s starting to scare my cat! haha! 
Those are my cards today.   I apologize for being Miss Debbie Downer but I just really hope things will get back to normal soon.   I’m sure the rest of you feels the same way.
I hope you like the cards.  Please don’t forget to use my coupon code “MARIASENTME” to get 15% off your order.  Thanks for stopping by and happy stamping!

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