Some Bunny Loves You

My creativity mojo is visiting today so I decided to take advantage and create this card using my cute stamp set from Lawn Fawn called Snow Day. This stamp set is so versatile and is just not meant for winter or Valentine-themed card. You can also use this for your spring-themed cards, or create a “Just-Because” card like this one.


The idea to make this card actually came to me while my daughter and I were having our little heart-to-heart talks. She is currently visiting for two weeks during her school break. I am really enjoying our time together. During one of our talks, I realized that the shy, little girl I once drove to school every day, has now turned into this beautiful, intelligent, amazing woman. It’s actually making me a bit emotional just writing this Blog, LOL! Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, right! During one of our “talks”, she mentioned to me that her boyfriend calls her “Bunny”. I don’t know about you but I think sometimes we, as crafters, get our crafting ideas out of the blue. I even have them while I’m in bed trying to get some sleep (note to self: put a little notebook by the bed stand). I thought about the stamp set that I recently purchased from Lawn Fawn and started crafting today.

My daughter’s favorite color is purple. I wanted this ‘just because” card to look really subtle but sweet at the same time. I think I’ve achieved this by combining the pinks and the lilac with a soft mint-green and a darker aquamarine ink to create the trees in the background. What do you guys think?

I hope I somehow inspired you to get your creative juices flowing and start crafting. Here’s to a great weekend!

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