Thank You Card for MFT Stamps

I’m always touched by people’s kindness!  I always believe that the kindness that you show will always be reciprocated but I am sometimes wrong!  Today, however, a wonderful person that works at MFT Stamps showed kindness to me.


I had some problems with a defective stamp (totally not MFT’s fault) and wanted to see if it was going to be replaced. I contacted MFT Stamps immediately. Brianna of Customer Service responded to my email so quickly and asked me to send her photos of the defective stamp and what my order number was so she can take a look. I realized then that I actually ordered the stamp set from a different shop and not directly from MFT. I sent her a copy of the invoice where I ordered the stamp set originally. She responded again a few minutes later to let me know that she will contact the shop and she will arrange to send me a replacement immediately. I was really touched by how my little dilemma was immediately taken care of and how nice Brianna was to me on her email.   It’s very rare these days, unfortunately to receive such a nice gesture from somebody.  MFT Stamps is already one of my top 5 favorite companies, but with the great customer service I just received ~ they just became my number 1!


Here is the Thank You card.  This card is made especially for Brianna and the amazing, wonderful people at MFT Stamps! Please don’t ever change!  You guys have the biggest hearts!